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Efflorein Mark 2
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ESTABLISHED IN 1983, Ability Building Colours after a third of a century continues to invent progress and provide performance enhancing admixtures that make cement outperform.

Additive products such as these, including the famous waterproofing and efflorescence controlling admixture Efflorein® Mark 2 for addition to cement based wet mixes, help to make fit for purpose, highest performing, durable concrete and mortars.

Ability works closely with architects, building designers, landscape architects, landscaping designers, interior designers, consulting civil construction engineers and other important building material specifiers to provide responsive and responsible solutions to their project requirements.

The company provides construction materials in four (4) main areas.

These include:

abilox® and duro® colouring powder pigments for cement, bitumen and resin based materials

admixtures for cement based materials. These positively contribute to the ultimate strength and durability of these materials – such as Ability’s COSMOTRON® DPU-AC – a water reducing and cement dispersing admixture

long life CLEAN AIR paints such as water based duro paint™ available in three (3) textural surface effects – STIPPLE, MATTE and LOW SHEEN. Another chemical solvent free paint is LEVIATHAN® MATTE, a flat finish clean air, odourless interior/exterior paint that is HALF the cost of current typical commercial paints and guaranteed to last TWICE as long

lightweight composite concretes called Cemlite® and Cemlite® HE (High Early) supplied as dry mixes which when added into water, mixed and placed into moulds to set and harden fully are then half the weight of normal concrete and twice as strong.

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